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20 May 2016

Global Gaming Regulators Limited in it capacity as Regulator of the Vanuatu gaming jurisdiction has today reached an agreement with Pacific Advisory for the prefered supply of consulting services to new operators within the Jurisdiction. The primary contact will be Mr Glen Craig, Glen has extensive private sector background in the finance and property industry in the South Pacific. He has served on numerous private and public sector boards. Glen was appointed Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to New Zealand in 2011. You can contact Glen on +6785566666 or via email [email protected]

14 April 2016

Global Gaming Regulators Limited in it capacity as Regulator of the Vanuatu gaming jurisdiction has today reached an agreement with wagering software provider for Latrobet to be the prefered software supplier of the new pay per head restricted license. This agreement and the advent of the pay per head restricted license is a key milestone for the jurisdiction. The focus of Global Gaming Regulators Limited is to now develop an incubatory environment for startup wagering operators to flourish. We understand that startup operations if nurtured grow to be major contributors within our industry.

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The agreement with Latrobet ensures that smaller operators have the guidence and oversight required to gain their footing as a wagering operator. The platform allows Latrobet to manage the creation and finalisation of events for the operator along with providing a point of call through the managed live help system for the consumer. Global Gaming Regulators are sure that the limited license gives the Vanuatu gaming jurisdiction an edge over other gaming jurisdictions.

As is a key requirement for any interactive industry, communications are key. Vanuatu is fortunate to be a in a world leading position with direct access to the Southern Cross Submarine Cable. Global Gaming Regulators is pleased to announce the continuing working relationship with Interchange. Interchange completed a milestone cable project, which linked Vanuatu directly into the high capacity Southern Cross cable between Sydney and Hawaii. Global Gaming Regulators and Interchange have worked tirelessly to ensure that the ICT infrastructure in Vanuatu provides a robust environment to facilitate operator growth through uninterupted continuity of supply. Global Gaming Operators Limited looks forward to continuing the great working relationship we have with Interchange Limited.

Document Downloads

All documents are made available for download so that all potential applicants can assess the requirements prior to starting the application process. If you require specific information in relation to the Pay Per Head restricted license, you can contact the team at latrobet here they will assist you with the requirements.