The Vanuatu Gaming Jurisdiction is Progressive. Cost Effective.

Located in the South Pacific and just off the North East coast of Australia, Vanuatu is one of those places that you’d be happy enough with a beach house. Good news for those in the online gaming industry is that they were one of the first countries to start regulating the gambling industry.

Who We Are

Global Gaming Regulators Limited are the official appointee of the Vanuatu Government in respect to Interactive Gaming within the Republic of Vanuatu. As such we are authorised to represent and act on behalf of the Regulator and execute the roles and responsibilities required under the Interactive Gaming Act (2000) on behalf of the Director of Customs and Inland Revenue in his capacity as Regulator. We protect the integrity and stability of the industry through our investigative and licensing practices, and we enforce laws and regulations, while holding gaming licensee’s to international best standards. Through these practices, we are able to ensure the proper collection of taxes and fees that are an essential source of revenue for Vanuatu whilst ensuring a secure and licensee friendly environment in which to operate.

The benefits of establishing your Interactive Gaming business in Vanuatu

  1. First Jurisdiction to develop a Pay Per Head restricted license in conjunction with software provider
  2. Low turnover tax of 0.1% of Gross Turnover on Fixed Odds and 2.5% of Gross Profit for Interactive Gaming.
  3. World-class infrastructure, bandwidth and power resilience coupled with excellent data hosting facilities.
  4. An extensive clustering of service providers / advisors and peripheral activities such as marketing, software and IT providers with experience in e-Gaming business on your doorstep.
  5. End User focussed regulation and player protection.
  6. A simple application process typically 8 -12 weeks

Code Of Ethics

  • To act with a high degree of integrity, honesty and respect in carrying out our duties and in our interactions with our stakeholders.
  • To be committed to protecting the confidentiality of all information entrusted to us by applicants, licensees, complainants and other stakeholders.
  • Our objectivity, independence and impartiality are beyond reproach. We avoid all personal or professional circumstances or conflicts that would call these into question.
  • Our processes ensure that actions, decisions and policies are consistently applied and do not result in advantages or disadvantages to any party to the detriment of another.
  • Our investigations, audits and tests, while comprehensive, are objective and fair-minded. Written reports of such actions are made with a high degree of care with special attention to accuracy.
  • We continuously challenge ourselves to improve the practices and processes of the agency to keep pace with the industry’s change, growth and innovation and our legislative mandates.
  • To foster and maintain cooperative relationships with other governmental bodies, within Vanuatu and internationally, and our professionalism and competence bolsters our reputation as world class location for Interactive Gaming.